Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have cancelled summer...

Actually, I cancelled the rest of summer about two weeks ago.  Nature is not paying attention to me.  Perth has been hot this summer, really really rivers of sweat down your back hot.  A recent trip to Melbourne confirmed for me that I am ideally suited to cool, even cold weather.  Cold weather energises me, makes me want to tackle jobs and move.  Maybe I should move to Tasmania?  Roll on June, that's all I can say.

Have just come home from book club.  We have decided to read 'Into the Wild', gee, I wonder who they got that idea from?  We have also decided to start reading some of the big classics, not as monthly books, but as well as, quietly on the side.  We may not discuss these for a couple of months, but will take our time slowly reading and cogitating over them.  The first of these is 'Middlemarch' by George Eliot.  It was great to crank the group up again for the year, and to indulge in conversation that ranges from books and movies to everything else.

I wish I could sound more interesting tonight, but I have sweated myself into exhaustion today, and have just noticed that I have to top up the bird's water was full this morning, but on hot days she likes to sit in it and bathe in a fairly extravagant style and is now down to a couple of centimetres.  She's a lovely bird, but not too bright.  Her name is Hugo because we thought she was a boy, but we realised she wasn't when she started laying eggs.  By that stage however the name had already stuck, so Hugo she is.

Off to bed, and may you be cool.

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  1. My lovely Suzy...this is all so wonderful. I just have one request: more please. Even one sentence will do for a start. Just please keep writing. xo