Monday, February 14, 2011

Not yet

The name 'Suzy Supertramper' deserves a short explanation.  'Suzy' is what people call's an affectionate shortening of my real name.  'Supertramper'is sort of what I aspire to be.  It came to me while I was watching 'Into the Wild', where the main character eschews all that he currently knows and is, adopts a new name (Alex Supertramp), and heads off into the wilds of Alaska.  It's based on a true story, pieced together from journals and diaries he kept whilst travelling on foot through America and Canada, is very philosophical, and ends with his unfortunate death.

I don't intend for my story to have the same conclusion, but I do have secret ambitions to live travel more widely and well...even if only through my own suburb.....and to lose weight whilst doing it.  I intend for this blog to be my space, and record of what I hope will be some sort of transformation of my life.

I bought a new pair of sneakers today....and not my usual $30 wonders...I went into a sport shoe shop and got fitted (just like buying  a new bra, but requiring less nudity!) and came out with some fancy shmancy Brooks shoes.....and I must confess that in all of my 41 years I have never had a more comfortable feet.  I christened them this evening by going for an evening walk along the river with the Mr, and I am well pleased with their performance so far.

It's not just the weight issue I need to work through though.  My headspace is not peaceful, and my body is not energetic.  I prefer sleep to facing the day, and drinking wine at night to doing anything constructive in the evening.  I think that needs to change. So here I am.
G'day!  (Actually, it's 10.55pm, so G'night!)

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  1. Tearing up over here to hear you reclaiming your life, one tramp at a time (that might sound wierd but I'm sure you know what I mean). It reminds me of the way a friend of ours used to refer to us as the "Trampant Fenimists". Love your work. You already have one Google Reader Subscription :)