Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Library

I work as the Library Officer in a smallish Public Primary School, south of Perth, conveniently only a five minute drive from where I live.  I love my job, the children and the cast of characters I work with.  We have about 380 children and a staff of about thirty?  All of the tasks associated with running the library are my responsibility, I have my own budgets, and no-one tells me what to do! Perfect.  I love that I have been allowed to put my own 'stamp' on my library, that I can play world and classical music in the background, that I do all of the collection development, and choose themes for displays etc.  I have some wonderful mums who come in to help me with shelving and book covering....essential jobs that I don't always have time to do, because I am only half time.

Today I took down the display that I had put up to greet the children at the start of the year.  I took a picture for you.....
(Actually...the picture does this no was actually quite large and vibrant, 3D elements, the whole shebang!)  The theme was China, with an emphasis on the Chinese New Year and festival celebrations.  We have a lot of different ethnic groups in our school, and I think it's always good to celebrate the different cultures.  I was able to haul out not only the non-fiction books, but also a really nice collection of fiction set in a China.  The paper lanterns were made by Miss J, and the money bags and some pictures were purchased in  Melbourne's Chinatown on a recent trip.

I like putting displays together, although when I started this job is was something I had little confidence in.  I like wandering through the collection, letting my eyes travel over the different groupings of books, and imagining what I could do with them to make an interesting and engaging display...the possibilities are endless.  My next one will be another I have never!  I will take some (better) pictures to show you when it is up.

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  1. Lucky kids!! You're a supertalented Supertramper.